Online Poetry

All my free stuff can be found over at, but I will list them here for your quick reading pleasure. Use the Categories on the right under Online Poetry to find something you might specifically be looking for or click on a keyword.

The Unhurried

An attack easily parried… Read it

Emotion Cycle

Like a flower high on sunlight… Read it

Dance Floor Panic

Just keep moving… Read it


Glued but unstuck… Read it


River of thoughts… Read it


Hypnotizing, Freezing me in place… Read it

Moon as my Ally

The Raven swoops right over me… Read it

Memories of Love

Such a beautiful kaleidoscope of memories… Read it

The Queen Awakens

The Warrior Queen awakens…enemies beware… Read it ►

Top Slowing

A mad world keeps spinning… Read it ►

Dear Emily

My fumbling attempt to do a tribute to a legend… Read it ►

To My Dearest Friend

When friendship isn’t really what is wanted… Read it ►

Dystopian Separation

A practice poem of a Kyrielle Sonnet… Read it ►


Sensual poem… (Adult) Read it ►


When assumptions are found to be wrong… Read it ►

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