New Site Update!

Hi all,

So as you can see, the site has been updated as well as the categories and tags you see on the right. If you’d like to know how this works you can read more here.

Just as a note, all my online poetry can be found on, but there will be links to all the poems on this site. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have a free allpoetry account (it’s free).

So on the navigation on the left has a few sections:

Recent Posts is pretty self-explanatory as it shows the 5 latest additions. These include announcements and any new online poetry I have posted.

Archives will find all new stuff from a particular month.

Categories is particularly useful if you are looking for a certain type of poem. My poems are categorized by word or line length, so if you don’t have time to read a lot, you can choose a shorter poem or you can sit back with a cup of your favorite beverage and stew on a longer. You’ll also find other ways to search my poetry and hopefully find what you want to read. Let me know what you think!

Keywords is a new feature I am trying which basically groups my poetry by certain keywords or phrases in the poem. So you can click on Love to find all that pitiful stuff or something else that suits your fancy. I also think it’s kind of cool because it tells you at a glance what I write about.

There’s also a User Count at the bottom…just for my own satisfaction really. As of this post, there was 100 visitors on it, but I think I may have boosted this count somewhat in the testing of this.

Finally, the About page is now About / Contact with a form so you can send me love or hate mail as you desire!

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